September 30, 2009

Changing Seasons

Despite the fact that school started four weeks ago...

Despite the fact that it's dark when I wake up and still dark when I leave for work...

Despite the fact that I've been wearing a fleece coat in the morning and can see my breath while I wait at the bus stop...

It hasn't felt like fall yet! This September has been beautiful, and it's been easy to delude myself into thinking it's still summer. Dave has continued to ride the wave runner down at the lake, each day I bask in the sun with a book during my lunch break, and last week we ate Sunday dinner out on the balcony. The days have been sunny, warm and for the most part, rain-free. 

Recently, however, I have been confronted by signs of fall that are impossible to ignore:

  1. Overnight, pumpkin displays invaded every space of sidewalk in front of the grocery store
  2. When I ran errands on Saturday morning, everywhere I turned there were boys and girls in soccer uniforms
  3. When I went down the escalator into the bus tunnel yesterday there was a pile of leaves at the bottom. Tracked in by people or blown in by the wind, I guess leaves rode down the escalator all day and then were deposited at the bottom right where you step off. By the time I went down at 5pm the pile was pretty big!
  4. My brother's birthday is today, which means that tomorrow is OCTOBER. Wow! What happened to September?? Happy Birthday Derek!!
  5. Finally--the most shocking of all--Dave, a lover of AC and the champion of shorts and flip-flops, wore shoes and a coat to work this morning

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